Sun goes down

Embrace yourself it’s Monday again. Another week has started.
To be honest it’s not my favourite day of the week (does someone disagree?). I have to motivate myself into every new week. But we all know these struggles right? The struggles of getting through these days until we’ve reached the weekend.
Below I’ve listed my 5 survival routines for every week.

1. Organization
I always take my agenda with me, so I can write down all my appointments (otherwise I would end up in a mess) and I also create a to-do list for every week.
It’s the easiest way to handle daily stuff and it’s just a great feeling when you can check off all your To-do’s in the end of a day.
Yep, I even make a To-Do list for all my office chores every morning.

2. Be active!
I’m a superactive person that’s why it already gives me the chills when I only have to sit still at the hairdresser. And the worst thing: I get angry and furious. That’s why I have to be active in the end of an office day. The best way to relieve stress is running (10 k). After the run, I slow down with yoga and when the temperature rises, I highly recommend you guys to go swimming. Trust me, it works.

3. Make some changes
Well I moved back to the countryside two years ago but my heart is still beating for the city. (Yes, I’m more of a city girl, but i also like the calm of living on the countryside)
So you can often see me hanging out with my friends in the evening there, sipping our drinks or craving for exotic food in a new hyped place.

4. Take time for yourself
We all love being surrounded by our beloved ones. So do I. But as much as I love spending time with them I also need some „ME“ time. It’s the time where you don’t have to pay attention to anyone else but yourself. Everything is just about you.

5. Cooking
Okay, so I haven’t been home a lot during the last few months. This just hit me hard when I looked into my fridge on Sunday. I didn’t use any of my vegetables or meat. I used to cook every evening,when i was living with my flatmate: Asian food, Mexican, Italian, Swiss. Yup all kinds of food and i loved it!
It’s just great to try new things and combinate crazy ingredients together.
I just put a cooking session on my this week’s To-Do List.

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