Art Basel

The place to be on this weekend for art lovers was definitevely the Art Basel, which was taking place on the „Messegelände“. Well in my opinion the entry fee of 50.- CHF was slightly overpriced, but in the end you were able to take a look of all those stunning artworks, so it was a good value of money.
One of the most impressive installation at this exhibition was the one of Kahlil Joseph which was named „m.A.A.d.“. It was a short film-footage of contemporary Compton, California. The captivating part about this installation was in fact that the artist has shown his work on a two-part projection. This catered the tension, because there were different cuttings on the two screens, which fasten the action. In my point of view I absolutely adore the interaction between the cuttings, colours and happenings which were accentuated perfectly by the booming music of the hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar.
I had always been into art and cultural events. So it was a must to me to attend the Art Basel on this weekend, it’s only a pity, that I couldn’t make it to the other exhibitions like „Design Miami, Liste and Photo Basel“.

Ahh and here are the first pictures of my „long bob“. I used to have long hair since I was a little girl and I slowly got tired of them lately. What I was looking for was something refreshing and different and that’s the reason why I went to the hairdresser and cut off about 25 cm. Without hesitation. Sure here and there the moment came up where I mourned after them, because they used to be my trademark for so long. They were the reason why a lot of colleagues used to call me „Pocahontas“. But I think this length is perfect for the summer.

pictures: Seraina S.
denim jacket: American Apparel
earrings: Aldo
bag: Forever21
sneakers: Reebok DSC_7424DSC_7419DSC_7428DSC_7401DSC_7408IMG_0634 IMG_0633 IMG_0632 IMG_0630 IMG_0610 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629


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