No rest for the sleepwalkers

As I’ve already told you, a new bed is on my wishlist. My actual one is built up on 8 pallets, which are polished and white grounded. So far so good. But I’m the type of girl who needs constant changes in my life. Daily grinds can bore me to death.

Last weekend I had rearranged my sleeping room. I had pushed around my two cupboards, while I was thinking about where I should place my closet hanger and the mirror. After everything was done, it happened- I glanced at my bed and I knew that a new one will replace it one day. No, not a bed out of IKEA what I want is something which should come along with more style. Maybe something wooden, light and lucid. Because all my furnitures in my flat are kept in white.
So I’ve checked in several online shops, and there were many which came up while I was surifng around.  And here we go, my four favourites.

No. 1 & 2: Dormando
No. 3: urbanoutfitters
No. 4: La Redoute

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