One breath, it’ll just break

Dear- it’s already June and I haven’t visited any of my beloved fleamarkets yet. I’m the kind of girl who loves to make bargains and I love to get the best deal for an item. There are people who sell their stuff where even the labels are still on it. (Well it’s a typical women thing I guess, I also have dresses hanging in my closet with the price tag, haha!)
If you’re looking for a great vintage shop in Switzerland – forget it. The only one I actually know is Fizzen, but in my opinion they are slightly overpriced. Thank god there are fleamarket apps existing like depop (follow me there @edamame) and spock.

Fleamarket spots

  • Zurich:    Kanzlei, Bürkliplatz, Helvetiaplatz
  • Basel:      Petersplatz
  • Lucerne: Reusssteg
  • Aarau:     Färberplatz, Kiff

Before I forget, I’ve sort out my closet and the items are available here: THYNH
Yep, you can purchase the items via paypal or inbox me if there are questions coming up. Happy shopping!

dress: Zara
cardigan: Zara
sandals: Forever21
bag: piperscrossing bag

DSC_5295 DSC_5297

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