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Try to show another way, but they stayin‘ in the dope game

Oh guys, what a week. Since Sunday Morning my wisdom tooth on the lawer jaw had caused me so much pain and trouble that I couldn’t barely get some sleep during the night. I awoke every half hour, so I had no chance but run to the dentist on Monday. There I couldn’t hardly open my mouth for the X-ray and it ended up in tears. Logically on Tuesday I had a date with the surgeon. And for god’s sake he finally pulled out this wisdom tooth.
On Wednesday I happily had off, you know all the painkillers and narcosis – it knocked me hard out and I was away for 16 hours. I usually get headache for oversleeping but I think this time my body really needed the recovery.

Besides this I’m actually sipping my coffee and waiting for the sunny weather. You see on my pictures how the weather is looking like here in lovely Switzerland. Cloudy, rainy, here and there some rays of sunshine. This is driving me nuts!

photos: Romy C.
jacket: Forever21
jumper: Zara
pants: Dr. Denim
sportbag: Vans
watch: Casio
sneakers: Reebok Club C 85 Court Vintage


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