White flag

I wish you were a book
so I could flip through the pages and underline my favourite things about you
fold your page’s corners
and tell my friends how wonderful you are.
I would save you in a bookshelf next to my bed
where I come to escape reality
and dream of things that make me happy.
I would read you again and again,
as if you were the only book I’ve got
and I would take you everywhere with me.
Because you would make me happy.
I would read you again and again.
With the way you choose your words
and how sweetly you let them flow through paper…
– Unkown

photo: Rahel H.
jumper: cotton on
bag: new look
dungaree skirt: Forever21
boots: MAX shoes

DSC_6947 DSC_6965DSC_6948 DSC_6953DSC_6952


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