Won’t let one drop go to waste

A couple of weeks ago I’ve made the decision to start a further education this Autum. I mean I’m actually 24 years old – too young to get stuck at a point in work life. So I’ve filled in the form and applied myself for the study and my next thought was: „I will be enslaved to books again-for the next three years.“

But I had to think about it clearly, because I will reduce my workload (and so the salary) and I don’t live at my parent’s home anymore. So managing your finance is the key to survive. Guess this is the typical Swiss part in me – don’t spend all your hard earned money!
So in this case: less clothes, less eating out, less traveling. Yep, it’s a cutback of all the pleasures that I love so hard! But I also know that in the end all my hard work will pay off. Just keep on working and staying positive.
Sure there were time where I thought I can’t handle anything and then my friends cheered me up, wiped all my tears away and the most important part: they had always believed in me (at this point: a big kiss to my girls and boys!) But I have to remind myself every morning that I will work everything out if I want to.
And with a little help from my friends I know – everything will be alright. Always.

Monki: top
H&M: headpiece, skirt, shades
pull&bear: sandals
fleamarket: necklaces


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