Bohemian Interior

It simply doesn’t make any sense to me, if someone use his apartment as a functional shelter. I mean it’s your very own kind of kingdom. It’s all yours. The rules, your personal zone and last but not least its interior is a reflection of your personality.
Well – breakups aren’t funny and sure a lot of the furnitures and decorations will remind you sooner or later of your common time which you’ve spent together. The best step to get over a broken relationship is to get rid of all of it. Yeah, it will put you to a certain expense but in the end it will worth a mint. Trust me.

And in today’s bunch of online shops you will find such attractive offers, that you hardly want to decide between these chairs and those ones. Oh yes, the struggle just got real.
I’m that kind of girl who is really, really into the bohemian, ethno and oriental vibes. A few months ago I had made an astounding discovery:
Besides clothing they also offer unique pieces of furnitures and decoration objects for a good-price-ratio and there are several pieces which would definitively fit into my actual stuff in my flat.

heine-home-wand-deko2 heine-couchtisch2

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