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So we can run free, yeah I wanna be free like you

This is so typically me – I caught a cold towards the end of my vacation. But nevertheless I went to my office to day, the mailbox was full (at least not crowded) and it was a little bit depressing to be back in lovely Switzerland (to all my friends who are reading this: of course I missed you all…). Yes I can’t believe that I’m back at work already!
If I could have extend my vacation I’d gone to Mexico with some nice boys from the UK who I met during my journey in Cuba.

The trip to Cuba taught me a several stuff. I did often complain about my life on a high level instead of being a little bit more grateful. At least I have a job where I earn enough to purchase flight tickets, an apartment and opportunities to fulfill myself.

photos: Melissa M.
cardigan: H&M x coachella
belt: asos
DSC_8018 DSC_8014 DSC_8010DSC_7982 DSC_7950

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