Someone who will get it

After this weekend’s adventures, I’m just looking out for quiet happenings like cleaning my apartment, tidying up the cellar compartment and does anyone know where I can get this kind of an aluminium bucket? I would love having sunflowers in my place, but I don’t have a big vase to contain them.
Right at the moment I’m looking for secondhand furniture because I’m planning to furnish my balcony in a bohemian, gypsy style. And in a few months I will start my life as a part-time student, so I really have to make allowance for money.
It’s incredible if you take a look on all those offers on ebay. There you can get an persian carpet for 1 CHF!!

pictures: Phi L./ Florian B.
denim jacket: flea market
dress: &other stories
bag: Zara
espadrilles: asos

DSC_8040 DSC_8053 DSC_8067 DSC_8082

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