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You’re making a comeback, I’m taking your crown

Some friends of mine told me that I’m living the fast life. And it might be true. At the end of a day, after spending 8.25 hours at work and afterwards I am rushing downtown to meet up my beloved ones, I hop exhausted in my bed.
Sometimes I completely forget to take a break from having a tight schedule every week. Work, the blog, my friends, my family and sport. To be honest, there are days where I have thoughts like „Can’t we just extend the 24 hours of a day, so that I am able to cope everything, that I need to?“

And sometimes, it’s good to have someone who bring you down to earth for a while. These are the moments where I am allowed to procrastinate my activities.
Because there are more days to come where I can deal with my stuff.

pictures: Jasmin L.
bustier: Forever21
cardigan: fleamarket
necklace: Bershka
mom jeans: H&M

DSC_8344 DSC_8351 DSC_8354

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