Cuba part III

I hardly remember the last time that I left a country with so many mixed emotion. Cuba was this kind of country. On one hand I was really amazed by this tiny island and on the other hand there were moments where my heart was filled by disappointment.
It is a country which are dominated by contrasts. One thing is that you are able to see the socialism and the rising capitalism in this country. And we all know that these two social systems can’t exists next to each other. And the question is now: which form will put itself across.
Another thing is to see how people are living their life with such a simplicity and an outdated infrastructure but still demands for the latest gadgets.

If I want to tell you about all my impressions of Cuba, it would end up in a long long long essay, so if you want to know more how to travel Cuba and so on: feel free to send me a message.

Happy Monday to you all! xx

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