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And all the mystique of your pretentiousness is fading

Due to the days becoming colder and darker, I obviously prefer staying back at home on the weekend. There are so much stuff to work off, things I had always postponed during the summer. Indeed- I am a summer child who loves counting the stars in the sky, and living the „joie de vivre“. But unfortunately, I did not tick the box of skinny dipping this summer. Well thankfully, next summer is coming 😉
This winter I will have no problem occupying my time with activities like painting, filling my sketchbook with new impressions, editing pictures, playing the guitar and go swimming once a week.

With the first colored leaves appearing, it is surely the time to replace your summer closet through event’s fashion. Scarves, coats, jackets, knitwear, boots – in my opinion, this is the best season when it comes to dressing up fashionable! There are so many ways to create to outfit: layering, and all the possible color combinations, which are simplified because of the natural tones. I am very obsessed with cardigans. I own so many in every different shape, pattern and colors that I always have to hold myself back when I see a new one in a window, and remind myself „Anh, you have to sell some of yours at home first, then you are allowed to purchase a new one!“.
So I was glad when aboutyou asked me for a collaboration, and I had the the choice to pick out a new jacket as my new between-seasons company. I have to fall in love with this one from Billabong . It is available in black, but I went for the beige one – it is a „darker“ season by itself, so I wanted a jacket in a brighter color to cheer myself up the thing I liked the most on this jacket that it is made of fake fur and polyester.
Since I had been wearing parkas and coats during last season, I was looking for a new type of jacket, which you should understand, needs to be able to suit every kind of style. And I guess I have found it with this moto jacket Palm of Billabong on aboutyou .

photos: Sandra S.
has: H & M x coachella
dress: Mango
jacket: Billabong
bag: Urban Outfitters
boots: Zara


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