photo: Sara S.

Talking about photo editing today, there are always people using too much filter and changes on a picture. Flawless skin, super-slim legs and waists and for the last move vibrant colours. Especially when it comes to self-expression online. But honestly, that’s exactly the same thing what I do with my pictures, when I retouch them (okay except for slimming my body shape, lol).
You got it, we build up an utopia which had morphed into a warped reality. But why exactly?

Sure, growing up in the digital era, we all do know that most of the content we are looking at is obviously not the naked truth. Yet still…we can’t withdraw ourselves from the consumption of it nor stop giving them our attention.  Even though it is clearly more illusion than reality.
I’m not judging on anyone or anything but rather pondering why we conciously allow ourselves to be dazzled by the artificial staging of a daily situation. A ruthless reality check will probably cause the illusory world to change.
All those online recognitions and all those amount of likes won’t define you by who you truly are in real life. Personality is central to revelation, a fact sometimes missed by those, who rose up as a new star in the sky of digital business.

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