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White flag

Shakespeare, Bronte, Austen, Hesse – well literature has got me since the moment I was able to string words for words together so that it make sense. Until today I’m still dreaming of a room where I can collect all my favourite books in several book shelves – actually I’ve got one. It’s amazing that…

On the run

  Moments in between fade so fast, that we hardly remember the happenings around that one certain moment. Maybe we fear the future so much, that we forget the present where we live in. Instead of thinking what might happen tomorrow, we should just lean back and enjoy what’s going on now. All the bright…

Sun goes down

Embrace yourself it’s Monday again. Another week has started. To be honest it’s not my favourite day of the week (does someone disagree?). I have to motivate myself into every new week. But we all know these struggles right? The struggles of getting through these days until we’ve reached the weekend. Below I’ve listed my…